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Our Mulch is made from 100% virgin bark with no additives. Choose from:

French Roast Mulch. Our premium mulch. Bark is finely ground and blended to maintain a milk chocolate color.

Premium Black Mulch. Made from virgin wood chips. No recycled material such as pallets or construction demolition.

Medium Roast Mulch. This commercial grade of mulch is a blend of bark and wood that provides a cost effective alternative to cover larger areas.

Saratoga Peat. A fine textured mulch, permanent chocolate color with nutritional
value & moisture retention qualities to support all your landscape needs including soil amendment.

Top Soil

Grower’s Mix. A blend of composted manure, wood fiber, and top soil for your transplanting and shrub needs. (When available).

Topsoil. Dark, rich farmland topsoil. Not recommended for spreading by hand.

Screened Topsoil. Blended to be grading friendly.

Pine Shavings.

Pine Shavings. Fresh pine shavings made for bedding.